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Bespoke Cards


We always welcome requests to create bespoke handmade cards that are completely unique and more suited to your own personal preferences! We think that adding your own personal touch into the design is what makes the card extra special and the perfect keepsake gift for someone!

So if you would like a personalised card made just for you, please feel free to contact us to discuss whether we would be able to create a card just how you would like it.

Here are some examples of previous bespoke birthday cards and bespoke wedding cards we have made...


Handmade Bespoke Birthday Card Dog Drawing

Of all the bespoke cards that we've ever made, we're especially delighted with how this one turned out - it's certainly unique! We were asked to create a really special card to celebrate a 30th birthday, and the brief included a request to feature some of Jade's favourite things within the design - namely her adorable dog Henry, lilies and butterflies. Combining both illustration and papercraft techniques, this design was quite a challenge as we've had little experience with drawing dogs (or indeed any pet!).

We thought it would be cute to draw Henry holding onto a heart, and to have him framed with lovely lilies and pretty butterflies. Hand drawn in pen and pencil crayons, we created a more realistic effect to the illustration by papercutting the butterfly wings and lily petals, and by mounting on individual flowers so as to create extra dimension within the design. Finished with luxurious embellishments of pearls and sparkly crystals, we even added on a Chanel logo dog collar (Jade's favourite fashion brand) as we thought it would be fun to give Henry a bit of designer bling!

You can take a look at how we created this special custom card in this blog feature about the various stages involved in making the design.


Bespoke Wedding Card Handmade

We were excited to create a beach theme wedding card for a customer's Son whose upcoming wedding venue was the idyllic location of a beach in Florida. The brief included requests to feature a drawing of the family, a palm tree and a stylish colour scheme of pink and gold. We think weddings are one of the most important and special occasions in life, and so were keen to make this card as lovely as we could!

The design we came up with is hand drawn in ink with pencil crayon colouring, with a handpainted watercolour beach scene background and a palm tree that we've added in a multi-dimensional effect to make it look more realistic. Finished with personalised details of the bride and groom's names written in the sand, their wedding date on a plaque accented with a diamond crystal embellishment, and with a subtle glitter shimmer on the wedding dress to make it extar special!

As this was a particularly special bespoke card, we've written a little behind-the-scenes blog feature looking at the creation process involved in making it.



Here we were asked to create an Australia themed birthday card for a customer living in Australia whose father was celebrating his 86th birthday and would soon be making his first ever trip there to visit her and the family. We were delighted to be asked to create a card for a such an exciting and uniquely special occasion! We were asked to include kangaroos and a koala within the design and to perhaps add a corkscrew hat into the mix... so this is what we came up with!

We decided to create the card as an illustration so as to maintain the same level of detail featured in the sketch; hand drawn onto Kraft paper in black ink with white and pastel blue accents. We added on Aboriginal style patterns for a more Australian vibe and to make the design even more personal we added his destination of Perth onto the map and drew the little Joey kangaroo holding a "86" flag which we thought was really cute!



For this card we were asked to create a design that combined the cupcake featured on our Lemon Cupcake 18th Birthday Card with the bunting on our Pink Floral Bunting 18th Birthday Card and also to add a personal sentiment onto the front. We chose to use different prints for the bunting so as to compliment better the lemon yellow and turquoise tones of paper and card used to created the cupcake. We think the overall combination worked out well!



We were asked to create a snooker theme birthday card to celebrate a customer's Son's 21st birthday. Snooker isn't a theme that we would normally choose to design ourselves, but we enjoyed crafting it all the same! The dimensions of an A6 card made it an obvious choice to create the card as that of a snooker table. We wanted to try and make it as realistic as possible and we're happy to say that we think the finished card turned out pretty good. Papercrafted with green card to represent the table felt and a combination of brown cards for the surrounding wooden frame, which we created with a multi-dimensional effect so to achieve a realistic shadow effect like that of a real snooker table. We've added the sentiment "Happy Birthday" onto the snooker balls, arranging them in the colours of which they are potted in the game which we thought was a nice touch (we must admit we had to research this aspect), each mounted onto a foam spacer to create a shadow effect as though they are actual spherical balls upon the table. We've added the number "21" in silver glitter paper to make it stand out more as this is, after all, the special occasion for which the card has been made for! We finished this snooker card with a personalised sentiment, handwritten in white ink.


Bespoke Panda Birthday Card 30th Handmade

The custom options on our adorable Makuko Heart Balloon Panda Birthday Card already allow you to personalise with the birthday age and/or with your own greeting. But for this card we were asked to also add on a fun party hat! We were more than happy to, creating it in sparkly glitter and with a fluffy pom-pom too - we think it made our Makuko even cuter!