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Bespoke Designs: Custom Beach Wedding Card
27th Apr 2016

Bespoke Designs: Custom Beach Wedding Card

We don't often blog about our bespoke designs, instead choosing to just feature them on our Bespoke Cards page. But as this was an extra special card, and we're particularly happy with how it turned out, we thought it would be nice to share the creation process in a little more detail!

We think weddings are a particularly special occasion ...for most couples, it's a once in a lifetime occasion! So when we were asked to create a bespoke wedding card for a customer whose Son was getting married, we were keen to make the card as beautiful and special as we could!

An idyllic Florida beach wedding venue prompted the customer to ask for a beach theme to the card design which we were excited to try and create. She requested a drawing of the family - her Son and soon-to-be Daughter-in-Law and their two children - which we thought was a lovely idea, and if we could also add a palm tree into the design too!

The brief included details of the clothing the family would be wearing; beach-ready casual and bare foot, with pretty pink accents on the hair flowers and on the little boy's cute pink braces. We were asked too to show the little girl scattering pink and gold rose petals. 

And so this is the design we came up with! Using watercolour paints, we created a beach scene background - with a soft transition of colours through from turquoise to blue to golden yellow so as to resemble a scene of sky, sea and sand. We cut out the painted palm tree and left the tips of the leaves free when adhering it to the card so as to create extra dimension, positioning it just beside the drawing to create a nice frame. We added the bride and groom's names below, written in gold ink to compliment their colour scheme and to also look a bit like it was actually written into the sand.

We were asked to tweak the initial sketch a little to make it look more like the family (we weren't given a photo as reference) ...simply making the hair finer/straighter. And below is the final drawing in ink, ready for colour to be added in pencil crayons. 

Next up, we painted the palm tree using watercolour paints. This actually took longer than expected to do, but we wanted to get a realistic effect to the shading and tonal variations. As we intended to cut the tree out once painted, it was nice to not be constrained to keeping within the outlines!

This is always our favourite stage when designing/creating a card - to have the elements ready to be assembled together as you can start to get a better idea of how the finished card will look. 

We added a few embellishments to create more of a luxurious finish to the design. Pastel blue pearl hearts to lovingly accent Carl and Kelly's names, a dainty pearl on the flower in Kelly's hair, luxe gold tone mirror card and glitter paper hearts on the palm tree as a sweet alternative to coconuts, and a diamond crystal gem accent to the wedding date plaque to represent the diamond in an engagement ring. 

The picture below highlights the subtle glitter shimmer we added onto Kelly's wedding dress to make it that bit more special!

If you would like to request your own custom made wedding card, simply  contact us - we'd love to hear your ideas!