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These Cute Unicorns Are Made By Hand - Say Hello!
24th Feb 2016

These Cute Unicorns Are Made By Hand - Say Hello!

You perhaps don't know, but tomorrow is Tell A Fairy Tale Day! And so to celebrate, we thought we'd write a little feature on our handmade unicorn cards, especially as we have recently created two more designs to add to our birthday collection! We think there's no better way to wish someone a magical birthday than with a unicorn card - for kids and adults alike because, quite frankly, who doesn’t like unicorns?! Surely nobody…

We've been wanting to add more unicorn cards to our site for a while now, and considering that our Nala unicorn design is one of our most popular, we're wondering why we've taken so long to do so... but anyhow, to make up for the wait, we've created not one but TWO magical unicorn cards! OK, so one is technically a CATicorn, but that's surely even better, no?!


NALA Rainbow Hearts Unicorn Birthday Card

Our original unicorn birthday card is our adorable Nala design. She's papercrafted in pretty pastel shades with a delightful rainbow hearts print for her mane and tail that's finished with an enchanting glitter shimmer. 

Personalised Unicorn Birthday Card

This design is often requested to be personalised so as to create an even more magical birthday gift. We offer you the option of customising this cute unicorn card with their name added on in glitter letters, their birthday age in pretty pink numbers and you can also have your own sentiment written onto the card too!

Bespoke Unicorn Birthday Card


Hand Drawn Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Card

For more variety in the collection, rather than making another papercrafted unicorn, we decided to create a hand drawn birthday card instead. This unicorn has been drawn onto a cute mini sized card with a colourful rainbow mane and tail added using pencil crayons and we have again added on a glitter shimmer to make it more magical! 


Personalised Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Card

You can also personalise this birthday unicorn card with your own birthday greeting. We found this personalised message a particularly cute request!


Hand Drawn Caticorn Birthday Card

We're so excited about our new Caticorn card!!! We love how it’s turned out and think that it's perhaps our favourite EVER card that we've created - he's sooo cute! He is quite tricky to draw though, being only 1" wide - this was our third attempt as the previous two smudged! Similar to our Rainbow Unicorn, this sweet little kitty is hand drawn in ink with coloured added in pencil crayons, again on a mini sized card. And to make it even more awesome we've added on some silver stars too! A perfect birthday gift for cat lovers or unicorn lovers - especially so for someone who loves both cats and unicorns!


**UPDATE** Our Rainbow Unicorn and Caticorn designs have been updated to prints ...take a look  here