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Inspiring Artists: Wood Splitter Lee Cross - Handmade Fantasy Animals
25th Apr 2017

Inspiring Artists: Wood Splitter Lee Cross - Handmade Fantasy Animals

For this month's INSTAration feature we've chosen the beautifully unique handmade fantasy creations of Alaskan artist Wood Splitter Lee Cross. She has the most amazing talent for creating all manner of magical beings, the likes of which you could only ever wish to be true!

We love how she imaginatively incorporates cute and mythical elements together, with perfectly captured expressions and a captivating use of vibrant colours and markings to create truly enchanting pieces of artwork.

Each of her creations are completely handmade and a one of a kind, which makes them all the more special. Better still, they are fully poseable, which means you can cuddle and play with your new fantasy friend to your heart's content!

Here's just a few of our favourites from her awesome collection. We challenge you to look at these handmade unicorns, cats, panda, stag and bunny and to not want one for yourself!

handmade baby unicorn fully posable  wood splitter lee cross

handmade fully posable baby unicorn cotton candy  wood splitter lee cross

handmade baby unicorn puff wood splitter lee cross

Aw, how tiny is this lovable baby unicorn?! You could take him everywhere with you!

handmade poseable baby unicorn wood splitter lee cross

This cute unicorn just looks so fluffy and huggable!

handmade baby unicorn sprinkles wood splitter lee cross

handmade unicorn shetland pony wood splitter lee cross

Just when you thought Shetland Ponies couldn't get any cuter...

handmade cat poseable lifesize stardust kitten wood splitter lee cross

These delightfully cute handmade cats make us think of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland! And we really love the dreamy nebula vibes of their beautiful fur markings. 

handmade fantasy cat pickles wood splitter lee cross

handmade cat poseable poptart kitten wood splitter lee cross

 handmade baby panda poseable wood splitter lee cross

This baby panda is a.dor.a.ble.

handmade stag of storms wood splitter lee cross

handmade bunnyfly wood splitter lee cross

Previously only imagined in your sweetest dreams... a bunnyfly!

Lee Cross began sculpting at the age of 12, and if you can believe it, her talents are all self taught! Which just goes to show what wonderfulness can be created through dedication, imagination and a true passion for your art. Without the use of molds, casts or patterns, Lee skillfully hand sculpts the animal's features onto a posable frame that's then wrapped with stuffing and synthetic fur. Tiny hairs are then carefully hand applied onto the sculpted clay parts and details are handpainted.

If you too have fallen in love with these handmade fantasy sculptures, you can follow Lee on her Instagram at woodsplitter_lee_cross.