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Meet Our Happy Birthday Unicorns
12th Apr 2017

Meet Our Happy Birthday Unicorns

We're super excited to announce that our collection of cute unicorn cards has recently got bigger and better, and boy have we had fun designing this new range!

If you're looking to make someone's day extra magical, than what better than giving them a unicorn card to make them smile and feel just as uniquely special as a unicorn?! Since starting our little business, our handmade unicorn cards have always been among our most popular designs, which is ideal for us as we always love to make them can't help but be happy when creating a unicorn!

With the option of both handmade papercraft designs and hand drawn unicorn illustrations, we hope that there's something to delight any unicorn lover that you know. And for those of you who love unicorns too (everybody yes?), you'll be happy to hear that we have no intention of stopping here... we plan on creating lots more awesome unicorns cards in the near future, so stay tuned! But for now, let us introduce you to these newcomers to our unicorn gang: Koko, Mimi, Mielo, Kazuko and Zhen...

Hand Drawn Unicorn Cards

All of our adorable unicorn illustrations are digitally reproduced onto high quality, carbon capture recycled card. Each card created helps to support the brilliant efforts of the Woodland Trust, which in turn helps to ensure that our native unicorns can continue to frolic around in our beautiful woodlands And for extra unicorn magic, we hand embellish these designs with pretty sparkly things - namely glitter and crystal stars - because every respectable unicorn should sparkle!

Hand Drawn Cute Unicorn Birthday Card

KOKO Unicorn Birthday Card

We love our new Koko Kawaii unicorn design! We're thinking that she could (perhaps) become our new most popular unicorn card, but we'll have to wait and see... For this fun design, we've made her pretty pastel rainbow mane the key feature, and her glitter horn too of course.

Hand Drawn Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Card

MIMI Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Card

Isn't little Mimi unicorn delightful?! We've gone all out on the rainbow vibes for this cute birthday card, in sweet pastel shades similar to our Koko design, finished with a sparkly star gem embellishment to accentuate the lovely greeting.  

Handmade Kawaii Unicorn Birthday Card

MIELO Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Card

How awesome is Mielo rocking his cool and colourful rainbow mane?! This illustration is a little revamp of a previous rainbow unicorn design we had, as we wanted to make him ever cuter ...and we like to think that we have! We hand finish this kawaii birthday card with silver glitter on the lovely hearts and on Mielo's horn for a little shimmer effect.

Papercraft Unicorn Cards

As each of our papercraft unicorn cards are made to order, we are always welcome to requests for customising their design. Infact, we are often asked to create personalised unicorn cards, no doubt because adding on your own unique sentiment or the recipient's name (and indeed any other personal touch that you may like adding into the design!) makes the card even more of a special one-of-a-kind unicorn gift. We always love to hear what personalised greetings people ask to be added onto the card, so please feel free to request anything!

Handmade Unicorn Birthday Card

NALA Rainbow Hearts Unicorn Birthday Card

We'll always hold a fondness in our hearts for our adorable Nala unicorn design as she was the first unicorn card that we ever made, and we can't imagine that we will ever want to stop making her! We especially love the pretty pastel hearts, ombre rainbow effect printed paper that we use to craft her mane and tail, onto which we add glitter for a shimmering effect. You can personalise this super cute birthday card in three ways: have your own message handwritten on, the recipient's name added in glitter letters and you can also have their age added onto Nala to mark the scecial occasion. 

Handmade Cute Unicorn Birthday Card

SPARKLES Unicorn Birthday Card

What do you call a sparkly glitter unicorn? Sparkles of course! This design is always a fun one to craft - it isn't everyday that you get to give a unicorn a haircut! We use pretty pastel embroidery thread to create Sparkle's mane and tail, and we love the realistic effect it creates. And to keep it in place, we use a little glue like that of hair gel! You can personalise this fun unicorn card with any message you like ...the default sentiment is this uplifting message of "You're Unique" which is always lovely to let someone know.


OK, so these designs aren't exactly unicorns, but we love drawing cats and pandas so much that we couldn't resist adding on a unicorn horn and transforming them into these mythical creatures! And dare we say that caticorns and pandicorns are even better than unicorns?!

Hand Drawn Cute Cat-Unicorn Card

KAZUKO Caticorn Birthday Card

We think our Kazuko caticorn is a real cutie - he'll always be one of our favourites! Similar to Mielo, we've given this illustration a little redesign too for this new print and we think this cat card would be a puurrfect birthday gift to treat a cat lady and/or unicorn lady with! And for extra awesomeness, we hand embellish this design with silver glitter his horn and the stars. 

Hand Drawn Cute Panda Card

ZHEN Pandicorn Birthday Card

We think our new Zhen pandicorn card would be a super sweet way to cheer up someone's day and to let them know how awesome they are! Created in a monochrome effect (because pandas are black and white obviously) we've added on a little colour with muted pastel stripes to Zhen's horn, embellished with glitter to make it magical! And if you're wondering "why the name Zhen?"... well, we generally try to give our characters a name that's relevant to their design, and as pandas are synonymous with Chinese culture, we gave this little guy the name Zhen as it means "precious/rare" in Chinese.