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More Than Just A Card
23rd Mar 2017

More Than Just A Card

We came across a post on Reddit today... about how someone's Mum has kept a stash of greeting cards from the 1980s, and how every now and then she will send one to her Daughter (which we think is such a cute gesture from her Mum). There's only one photo example of the cards though unfortunately (we would have liked to see more!) and as we love surreal art, we personally think this design is pretty cool. It's actually taken from the cover art of a book called Random Access Messages of the Computer Age published in 1984, which gives some explanation to the design.

This story though resonated with us because we too have a stash of cards that date back to the 1980s (showing our age there, but oh well!) We've pretty much kept every card that we've ever been given in our lifetime - whether they've been given for a birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, school exams etc. or simply as a random  'just to say' card. Here's just a few cards from our stash...

It seems then that we've had a lifelong passion for cards! Infact, one of the main reasons we chose to start making handmade cards is because we think of cards as being more than just literally folded card with a picture on the front and a compulsory message inside - but that they are each a little memento of a special occasion and those special people in your life. They're tokens of thoughtfulness from the person who's sent them to you - an opportunity for them to pass on their love, best wishes and sentiments, in a way that you can then chose to keep. This is makes us strive to make our cards as special as possible, in the hope that they will be kept and cherished by the recipient as their own memento.

Admittedly we don't necessarily look at these cards very often, but when we do (like today) they evoke feelings of happiness, a fond reminiscence of days gone by and a loving gratitude for the people in our lives. We hope then that you would agree with our personal sentiments that a card is more than 'just a card', but that they are actually really very special!