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New In! Wall Art Prints
31st May 2017

New In! Wall Art Prints

We're really excited to say that our lovely illustrations are now available as awesome art prints!

Perfect for adding some cuteness to your home décor, they're sure to cheer up any place you choose to display them - whether you're looking to bring a little happiness to your living room or bedroom walls, an office space or as a sweet addition to a children's nursery. And their A4 size makes them ready to be popped into a standard size picture frame so you can really show them off.

We've started off the collection with 10 delightful artwork designs of some of our most popular illustrations, including magical unicorns, adorable pandas, cute cats and cool space art prints. And what a wonderful gift they would be to give to somebody special (including yourself!), whether as a birthday gift, a romantic anniversary gift for your loved one or simply for when you want to brighten someone's day.

Inspirational Wall Art

Our inspirational art prints are perfect as a little pick-me-up and for feeling motivated, with good vibes designs that are sure to make you smile and feel happy!

Cute Cat Art Print Framed Positive Vibes Caticorn

Cat Art Print - PAWSITIVE VIBES Caticorn

This delightful illustration is currently one of our favourite new card designs, so we're really excited to now have it as a print! With a cute caticorn, magical rainbow, cosmic stars, pastel tones and a feel-good quote - what’s not to love?! We think this happy cat drawing is guaranteed to bring joy to wherever it is displayed, whether around the home or as cheery office art to help you get through a dreary day at work.

Panda Art Print framed ZHEN Pandicorn Kawaii

Panda Art Print - ZHEN Pandicorn

With motivational words of "you're so very special", our Zhen pandicorn design is great for reminding someone of how awesome they are! This cute panda art print would be especially wonderful to be displayed as nursery decor to help build a little one's confidence, or as inspirational wall art for office spaces and student bedrooms to serve as a little positive motivation.

KAWAII STAR PRINT Inspirational Wall Art Prints framed

Kawaii Star Print

This cute cosmic print would be perfect as an uplifting gift to give to someone, perhaps to say congratulations, thank you or to simply make them feel like a superstar!

Cat Art Prints

Whether you're a cat lover yourself, or know someone who is… our cute cat prints are the puurrfect way to add some kitty awesomness to your décor!

Lucky Cat Art Print Maneki Neko KICHI framed

Lucky Cat Art Print - KICHI

In Japanese culture, maneki nekos are believe to attract good luck, happiness and prosperity to wherever they are displayed - so this lucky cat print is ideal if you are looking to bring some good vibes into your space! And what an awesome gift it would be to give to someone that you want to wish good luck to - whether they're moving into a new home, starting a new job, sitting exams or for when you want to wish someone well in an exciting new endeavor in their life.

Cute Unicorn Cat Art Print Caticorn KAZUKO framed

Cat Art Print - KAZUKO Caticorn

Can't decide whether you love cats or unicorns the most?! Why choose when you can have this adorable, glitter embellished uni-kitty art print instead!

Cute Cat Art Print KAAYA framed

Cat Art Print - KAAYA

This kawaii cat drawing is sure to add some kitty cuteness to your wall décor. Ideal too as a lovely gift for someone special, as a birthday treat or for when you want to say thank you for a good deed.

Unicorn Art Prints

Surely there's no-one who wouldn't want to have pictures of unicorns on their walls?...

Believe In Yourself Unicorn Print - Inspirational Wall Art KOKO framed


With a motivational phrase of "Believe In Yourself" our Koko unicorn print is perfect for reminding someone that they are as wonderful as a unicorn! Each is hand-embellished with glitter on the horn for a little sparkle.

Cute Unicorn Art Print MIELO kawaii unicorn framed

Rainbow Unicorn Art Print - MIELO

This kawaii unicorn drawing would be an ideal gift for a unicorn lover! Rocking a rainbow mane, our delightful Mielo will add bring cute unicorn vibes to wherever he is displayed.

Love Wall Art

These love prints are sure to make your special someone smile and feel really loved! Ideal to be displayed as romantic bedroom art or for your loved one to have in their office space as a sweet reminder of you whilst they are at work.

Cute Cats Love Art Print Framed HOLD ME TIGHT

Love Art Print - HOLD ME TIGHT

This cute design of heart adorned cats hugging would be an adorable gift to give to your one and only, whether to celebrate your anniversary together, to wish them a happy birthday or to simply let them know that you are both meant to be together!

Moon and Stars Art Print - Romantic Wall Art framed


This moon and stars print is perfect for space lovers! With a hand-lettered romantic sentiment orbited by cool space art work of moon phases, stars and cosmic symbols, it would be stellar way to tell someone that your love for them is out of this world!